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Call 48 Explains STIR SHAKEN 101

Hate robo spam calls? The FCC has heard your complaints and STIR/SHAKEN is one of their largest steps to deal with the robo call situation. Put into place officially on June 30, 2021, service providers are now required to adopt STIR/SHAKEN solutions and Call 48 is compliant.

Between three and five BILLION robocalls are made each month, and research suggests that more than 40% of those calls are thought to be fraud-related. Call 48 is STIR/SHAKEN compliant, as this industry-wide initiative to restore trust in our voice communications is in effect. The goal of STIR/SHAKEN is to prevent fraudsters from scamming consumers and businesses through robocalls and illegal phone number spoofing, while making sure that legitimate calls reach the recipient.


STIR/SHAKEN is a technology framework designed to reduce fraudulent robocalls and illegal phone number spoofing. STIR/SHAKEN is a framework that assigns a certificate of authenticity to each phone call for use across the telecom network, acting as a digital signature of trust passed from carrier to carrier to improve traceable call delivery.

Surprise! STIR/SHAKEN is actually an acronym. STIR stands for Secure Telephony Identity Revisited. SHAKEN stands for Secure Handling of Asserted information using toKENs.

Ok, so STIR and SHAKEN are two different things. So what’s the difference?
STIR is a working group within the IETF, an internet standards body, which has developed a set of protocols used to create a digital signature for a call. The signed call includes information about the calling party and allows for verification of the signature by the terminating provider. SHAKEN are the standards for how STIR is to be deployed by service providers within their networks.

For more information on Call 48’s compliance to STIR/SHAKEN, contact a member of our team today.