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Call 48 CPaaS Delivers Advanced RTC Solutions

Welcome to the microwave generation, where everyone wants what they asked for five minutes ago. We email instead of snail mail, update hundreds of people with one social media post, and expect anything delivered to our doors within an hour. Why would we expect business communications to be anything else?

CPaaS or Communication Platforms as a Service is exactly the tool you need to help bring your customers the Real Time Communication capabilities they need, at the speeds they’ve grown accustomed to… now!

Real Time Communication Capabilities

Real time communications are simply that, communications done in live time. And our CPaaS enabled customer portal allows you to do just that. With the click of a button you can purchase, port and provision your DIDs, change customer information, and enable services in real time. 

Your communication methods of choice are incorporated into current APIs. With API integration you can seamlessly integrate your customer communication information. CPaaS also creates more communication flexibility, allowing for communication hopping through different channels, while still in the same API. All of this happens in real time, with minimal to no delays in communication.

Why Call 48 Should Be Your CPaaS Provider

What makes Call 48 unique is that we are one of the few CPaaS solutions in the industry with its own network, which means cost savings, reliability, and scalability for our communications service providers. Our network and APIs deliver high-quality service no matter your size – from small start-ups to veteran telecom companies. You get all our latest and greatest APIs, plus the freedom and flexibility to customize your own.

Call 48 is white-label ready, allowing you to fully promote your own brand, instead of someone else’s. We can help you can leverage the rising trend of CPaaS service with your existing solutions. Contact a member of our CPaaS team today to take a free demo of our portal.