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Call 48 CPaaS Real Time Services

Rather than develop your own custom applications, Call 48 offers CPaaS solutions to customers for faster and lower-cost alternative to enable communications within applications. Our CPaaS enabled services allow you to buy, port, and provision DIDs in real time. 

Call 48 has the largest North American footprint with over 15,000,000 DIDs available both on net and off net from 13,000 rate centers. Our CPaaS enabled services provide numerous features and benefits to our wholesale and reseller customers, including:

Saving Money. First and foremost, money matters, and this is why our VoIP customers save money on their telephony uses using our CPaaS solutions.

Complete Flexibililty. One of the most important features of the Call 48 CPaaS is how customizable these services are. When adapting our CPaaS solutions via our 4th generation VoIP Portal to your business, you have the flexibility to choose the features you need that work for your business and your customers. These cloud hosted services offer our wholesale and reseller clients full scalability.

Reliability. Our state of the art cloud-based CPaaS moves your outdated communications hardware into the future. Your employees will be so happy to have an easy to navigate platform where they can see things in real time. With more reliable and flexible communications, you can focus on growing and nothing else. 

Call 48 CPaaS services are easy to access via our VoIP Portal 4.0 and easy to adapt to suit your needs. With Call 48 CPaaS solutions you can quickly evolve to adapt to whatever needs you have. Now you can demo a free tour of our CPaaS platform. Contact a Call 48 CPaaS representative to discover the true features of our CPaaS solutions.