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Call 48 CPaaS Platform VoIP Portal

The Call 48 CPaaS platform is called VoIP Portal. This fourth generation customer portal is full of intuitive features, enhanced by robust APIs and great customer service. This CPaaS-rich platform VoIP Portal is favored for its simplicity and flexibility, equipped with pre-built tools and powerful, flexible APIs. 

VoIP Portal 4.0 is a telephony standout offering with truly state-of-the-art technology. With the VoIP Portal, Call 48 makes it easy to act as a phone carrier without having to actually be a phone carrier. Our CPaaS portal gives customers everything they need in the telecom world from DIDs and SMS to transcriptions and text to speech. We can link everything to their websites, their CRMs or their own customer portals. 

With the Call 48 VoIP Portal you can search, reserve, or order local and other toll-free numbers in real time. We currently have a live on-net and off net inventory of over 15,000,000 DIDs from more than 13,000 rate centers. All you have to do is search for what you need in whichever state, rate center or NPA, either on net or off net. 

All capabilities are controllable by either our fourth generation VoIP Portal or an API to control the portal in real time. Call 48 offers an intuitive and responsive interface, providing customers real-time ability to purchase and control DIDs as well as their provisioning, porting and pointing them to phone systems. 

Along with a live inventory of millions of numbers, Call 48 customers can also port and/or manage current phone numbers, place and receive phone calls, create conference bridges, as well as content centre queues and workflows.

Want to take a free demo of the VoIP Portal? Contact a Call 48 CPaaS representative today to see our solutions in action.