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Call 48 CPaaS Cloud-Based Solutions

Call 48 CPaaS solutions were already a standout with our wholesale customers and resellers who wanted real-time control of their clients accounts. With access via our state of the art VoIP Portal 4.0, customers were already enjoying the ability to make changes as they saw fit. And then the pandemic hit…

Our CPaaS solutions were already requested but there was rabid demand in 2020 motivated by the instant need of remote working. Where there was already an increase in volume of CPaaS service as companies were moving away from on-premise phone systems to cloud based ones, Call 48 saw a surge in CPaaS requests from our customers. 

With employees now working from home, Call 48 customers could have all of their office DIDs rerouted from their desk phone to mobile ones or their home phones. With two choices—either use your personal phone and have that number out or use a Call 48 DID number that remained private—there was a dramatic increase.

The Call 48 VoIP Portal gives you complete CPaaS access to everything a wholesale or reseller could want or need to be in the telecom world. From DIDs to SMS, from voicemail transcriptions to text to speech, it’s all available and fully controllable in real time by either the portal or an API to control the portal. We make it simple to give different permissions out to different employees at a moment’s notice so a company can handle who needs access to what.

If a Call 48 customer needs access to more DIDs, they have access in real time. It’s as simple as clicking on buy a local number and within seconds to phone numbers in whatever state, rate center and NPA they are looking for both on net and off net. And Call 48 has the largest United States footprint with over 15,000,000 on net and off net numbers in inventory from more than 13,000 rate centers.

The pandemic completely transformed consumer behavior. As a result, businesses  had to quickly figure out how to get closer to their employees and customers in this new reality. Take advantage of Call 48 CPaaS capabilities via our VoIP Portal for your customers. Contact us to find out how our CPaaS solutions can work for you.