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Call 48 Covers Over 180 LATAs So What is a LATA

At Call 48 we are proud to offer complete coverage of the 48 contiguous United States so much we put it in our name. We offer this coverage by utilizing more than 180 different LATAs across the country. So what is a LATA? Let us explain.

LATA stands for Local Access and Transport Area. This U.S. telecommunications term  refers to geographical boundaries of local telephone service networks. LATA boundaries are drawn by the federal government and determine which phone companies can provide local and toll service for each area.

Initially, LATAs were grouped into regions where one particular Regional Bell Operating Company (RBOCs) provided services. LATAs in every such region are numbered beginning with common digits. The Modification of Final Judgment for the District of Columbia in 1982 divided the United States into 245 LATAs, each of which was designed to hold around 1 million subscribers. A LATA is an area in which one of these divested AT&T companies is allowed to provide telecommunications services.

Connections between telephone companies within the same region are called intra-LATA connnections, while connections between two local exchange carriers in different regions are called inter-LATA connections, you might find them similar to long-distance services.

LATAs become valuable when ordering DIDs through the Call 48 CPaaS enabled VoIP Portal customer platform. By utilizing LATA information, you can narrow your search to boundaries of the geographical area you need. LATAs also come into play when viewing your bill or call detail records. You can sort your calls by LATA to determine where the call originated.