Call 48 Answers FAQs on Local Number Porting

When Call 48 resellers sign up new customers, one of the first things they will need is a phone number. To transition this new customer to VoIP, or from old VoIP to new VoIP, is known as local number porting the number. Let Call 48 answer your LNP questions:

Q: What exactly is Local Number Portability?

LNP is the process of transferring a phone number from one service provider to another whether it is a landline, wireless or IP. Call 48 can even port your toll free numbers. In the the Telecommunications Act of 1996, the Government mandated this ability to allow consumers to keep their phone numbers if they switched telephone providers and remain in the same geographic area. However, the Federal Communications Commission website lists a few situations where porting a number may not be possible. These include:

1) If you are moving to a new geographic area. This would not allow you to keep the same area code.

2) If you are using a rural wireline service provider, as some of these providers may obtain exemptions from the LNP mandate from state authorities.

Q: What exactly is the standard LNP process?

First contact the Call 48 DID team with the 10-digit phone number you are looking to port. A copy of your most recent phone bill will be needed to provide us proof that you or your business owns the phone numbers that you want to port. Make sure the bill clearly lists:

  • The customer or business name
  • The billing / service address
  • The phone number(s) to be ported

If you don’t have a bill don’t worry. You can request a Customer Service Record (CSR) from the provider you are porting the number away from. The FCC also mandates that all telephone service providers must supply a CSR upon request by the customer. This document will list all of the above information. Once all of the paperwork is in, you just have to wait for the LNP process to complete.

Q: How much does LNP cost?

Call 48 charges a nominal one-time fee for porting your number(s) to ourdatabase, and we are one of the lowest around. This fee covers any paperwork that is involved in the local number portability process, as well as our time for retrieving your numbers from your current provider. If you have a large block of numbers to port, contact us for bulk rate pricing.

Q: How Long Does the LNP Process Last?

Porting a local phone number typically takes 2 to 4 weeks, while porting a toll-free number can take 6 to 10 business days.

Do you have more questions about LNP, the process and provisions? Or are you ready to being porting numbers yourself? Contact Call 48 today and start the LNP process now!

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