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Call 48 Explains STIR SHAKEN Call Attestation

As a carrier that is STIR SHAKEN compliant, Call 48 certifies origination calls by attesting to the relationship with the caller, as well as their authority to use the DID phone number in question

Call 48 Explains STIR SHAKEN 101

Call 48 explains what being STIR SHAKEN compliant is and how it is changing the telecommunications industry

DID Origination Services from Call 48 US and Canada

At Call 48, our wholesale DID origination tiered service provides customers with access to numbers worldwide and as we specialize in footprint for the United States and Canada

Call 48 CPaaS Platform is the Modernization of VoIP

With the Call 48 customer CPaaS platform, VoIP Portal you can buy, port and provision DIDs as well as make integrations to your CRM system and other essential tools.

The Call 48 Guide to Measuring VoIP Scalability

VoIP scalability and flexibility are needed by customers, but they don’t mean the same thing. Here Call 48 explains each and the difference.

Call 48 Continues its Origination Footprint Expansion

Call 48 is a leader in CPaaS enabled services, continues to expand it’s origination footprint throughout North America adding millions of new DIDs to its ever increasing inventory.

Why You Need Call 48 Origination USA Footprint

Call 48 has made it our mission to offer one of the largest North American origination footprints available with more than 13,000 rate centers and over 180 LATAs

Our Origination Footprint is Bigger and Size Matters

Call 48 has taken the time and spent the money to offer complete coverage of the United States from over 13,000 rate centers, more than 180 LATAs, plus nearly 120 other countries.

The Process of Call 48 Local Number Porting

Call 48 explains what LNP local number porting is and how easy the process is to port your phone number over to us.

Call 48 PBX Vanity DID Phone Numbers

Call 48 helps you get the toll free phone number you need for businesses.

Call 48 Fights Against Capacity Constraints

Call 48 is solving the capacity constraint problem of not being able to pass call during peak hours.

VoIP Industry Trend is Consolidation of Carrier Services

Call 48 gives providers the way to certify and consolidate their origination and termination service needs with one provider

All Your Carrier Service Needs One Provider

The largest trend in the VoIP industry is consolidation: providers want to do more services with less vendors.

All the DIDs You Need in One Place Call 48

Call 48 eliminates the need for multiple small aggregators and provides the opportunity to get the DIDs you need from one carrier.

Expand USA and Canada Carrier Service Origination Footprint

Call 48 makes it easy expand your digital footprint with DID origination services in the United States of America and Canada

Call 48 Provides Easy Origination Management

Call 48 offers an easy way to search, procure and activate numbers for simple origination management.

Call 48 Offers Instant Phone Number Flexibility

Call 48 has amassed an unparalleled inventory of DIDs you can offer customers for instant phone number flexibility.

Call 48 Makes the Local Number Porting Easy

Call 48 is a leader of the VoIP industry and one reason is how easy we make the local number porting process for DID customers.

Call 48 VoIP Footprint for DID Providers

A VoIP footprint refers to the ability to supply VoIP services and solutions to a geographical area. If you can only offer phone numbers and services....

Call 48 Origination Footprint Coverage Cost and Quality

Call 48 clarifies the three determining factors in making us a leader in VoIP origination footprint size of coverage, cost and quality

Call 48 CPaaS Customer Portal for DID Management

Call 48 makes it easy to manage DIDs and origination VoIP services with our fourth generation CPaaS enabled customer interface VoIP Portal

Call 48 Origination and DIDs Made Easy

Call 48 makes VoIP origination services and solutions easy as we specialize in DID phone numbers.

Call 48 VoIP Footprint for DID Providers

As a premier CPAAS provider, Call 48 offers one of the largest VoIP DID services and solution footprints around.

Call 48 Phone Numbers from Over 180 LATAs

Call 48 is an industry leader in providing DIDs covering one of the largest footprints available with over 175 LATAs.

Call 48 Offers Industry Leading CPaaS Enabled Portal

Call 48 offers an industry leading CPaaS enabled customer platform for the ultimate in flexibility and scalability.

Add a POP with Call 48 DIDs and Origination Services

Establish a local POP with Call 48 DID inventory and origination services and solutions.

Call 48 Wholesale Origination Coverage from Over 180 LATAs

With access to 175 on net LATAs Call 48 has gone through the extensive regulatory and technological process and taken the time to register with each individual state as well as county and local municipality in the effort to get you the phone numbers that you need when you need them.

Call 48 Wholesale DID Origination in USA and Canada

Leverage the power of Call 48's extensive United States and Canada DID inventory with our wholesale origination services and solutions.

Call 48 Wholesale DID Phone Number Inventory VoIP Needs

When you need VoIP phone numbers, Call 48's DID inventory is unparalleled for domestic, international and toll free origination.

Call 48 CPaaS for Flexible Work Force

Call 48 utilizes CPaaS enabled solutions to combine flexible and essential communication functions into a single platform.

Call 48 CPaaS Solutions For Origination Scalability

Scale your origination services and solutions with our CPaaS enabled VoIP customer platform allowing you to purchase and provision DIDs in real time.

Call 48 Masters of Origination and DID Services

Call 48 is the master of origination services and solutions from where calls originate to the phone numbers that are dialed

Call 48 Origination Coverage Cost and Quality.

As a leader in United States origination services, Call 48 explains the key elements to having a top tier DID footprint for wholesale and reseller customers.

Call 48 Shows True Utilization of Origination Coverage

Aggregate your origination VoIP needs from one place with Call 48 origination and DID services and solutions.

CPaaS Services and Solutions Glossary of Terms

Call 48 provides a glossary of commonly used CPaaS definitions and terms used by wholesale and reseller customers in the VoIP industry

Call 48 Offers Entire United States as DID Origination Footprint

If you are looking for a DID phone number in the United States Call 48 has made it our goal to make sure you can get this origination service and solution.

Specializing in VoIP Origination and DID Phone Numbers

Call 48 has made carrier service origination and DID VoIP phone numbers our specialty and now offer the largest footprint in North America to our customers.

DID and VoIP Origination Management Made Simple at Call 48

Not only does Call 48 provide customers with the largest DID footprint in the United States we also give you a point and click CPaaS enabled platform for real time management

Call 48 Has the VoIP DID Phone Number Inventory You Need

Wholesale, reseller and private label VoIP customers get instant access to the Call 48 DID footprint for their origination phone number needs

Call 48 VoIP Flexibility Meets the Pivot Demand

Call 48 CPaaS enabled solutions provides VoIP customers the flexibility to pivot with pandemic and other demands.

CPaaS Enabled Customer Platform in Fourth Generation

Call 48 continues to update our CPaaS enabled customer platform to meet customer demands and expectations.

VoIP CPaaS Solutions For Instant Flexibility

The Call 48 CPaaS platform is known for its flexibility, seamless integration with additional software and its simple, user-friendly interface.

VoIP Flexibility Through CPaaS Customer Portal

Call 48 offers a state of the art CPaaS enabled customer platform VoIP Portal making it simple to manage origination VoIP services and DIDs with the click of a button.

Call 48 Flexibility Meets Real Time Functionality

The ability to adapt and change to circumstances on the fly has become a necessity, and Call 48 can handle these in the moment needs with CPaaS enabled solutions.

How Call 48 Meets Post Pandemic Communication Demands

How Call 48 is ready to meet communication demands in a post-pandemic world with customizable and scalable VoIP technology and CPaaS solutions

Call 48 CPaaS Enabled VoIP Portal Offers Complete Customization

Call 48 offers a doorway to VoIP service modernization, customization, scalability and flexibility with CPaaS enabled solutions through VoIP Portal.

Custom VoIP Service Offerings with Call 48 CPaaS Enabled Platform

The Future of VoIP Communications is CPaaS in the Cloud

Toll Free CPaaS Enabled VoIP Solutions

Call 48 Covers Over 180 LATAs So What is a LATA

Because Call 48 offers complete United States DID origination coverage from 175 LATAs we explain what a local access transport area is

Complete US Origination Coverage for All Your DID Needs

Call 48 provides complete United States VoIP DID phone number origination coverage from 13000 rate centers and 175 LATAs

Call 48 Has DIDs from 13,000 Rate Centers

Customers only need one VoIP provider when dealing with Call 48 because we carry DID phone numbers from 13000 rate centers

Call 48 Provides Access to DIDs from 175 LATAs

Call 48 offers origination coverage of the United States with DIDS from 175 LATAs and 13000 rate centers

Call 48 CPaaS for the Evolving Workplace

Call 48 CPaaS solutions enables VoIP wholesale and reseller customers to unlock more streamlined communication tools for businessses

Call 48 CPaaS is the Future of Communications Solutions

Call 48 meets the demand of rapidly evolving VoIP technology by improving communications solutions with flexible and real time capabilities

Why Call 48 CPaaS Solutions are Better

Call 48 CPaaS solutions are allow wholesale and reseller customers to access and evolve their VoIP business in real time

Call 48 Guide to CPaaS Solutions

Call 48 explains what our powerful CPaaS solutions are, what the benefits are and how it is cost effective for wholesale and reseller customers

Carrier Service Origination and DIDs Are Our Specialty

VoIP origination carrier services and DID phone numbers are a specialty at Call 48

Increasing VoIP Service Flexibility with Call 48 CPaaS

Call 48 offers the full flexibility of VoIP through our CPaaS solutions powered by our backend customer platform VoIP Portal

Call 48 CPaaS Customer Portal for Origination Management

Call 48 offers a CPaaS enabled customer platform VoIP Portal for real time management of origination VoIP services and DIDs

Call 48 The Leader in DID Origination in USA and Canada

As a leader in origination services and solutions for the United States and Canada Call 48 can easily expand your VoIP DID footprint

The Flexibility of Call 48 CPaaS Solutions

The single greatest benefit of Call 48 CPaaS solutions is the flexibility it offers via our backend customer platform portal.

Canada Origination Call 48 VoIP Carrier Service Footprint

Call 48 offers unparalleled origination services and solutions to Canada with the largest North American footprint of DIDs.

Three Features of Call 48 United States Footprint for Resellers

Call 48 explains the three keys to having the largest United States DID footprint for resellers.

Call 48 Expands its United States DID Footprint

As a leader in CPaaS enabled services Call 48 continues to further it’s VoIP footprint throughout North America by adding millions of new DIDs to its ever increasing inventory.

Introduction to Call 48 Origination Services

At Call 48 we have made it our mission to be masters of VoIP origination services and solutions.

Easily Manage DID and Origination VoIP Products

With our CPaaS enabled customer portal Call 48 offers a single interface to search as well as procure and activate numbers for easy origination solutions.

Call 48 CPaaS Delivers Advanced RTC Solutions

Call 48 delivers advanced real time communications VoIP solutions through our CPaaS enabled customer portal

Call 48 Explains What a SIP Address Is and How to Get One

Call 48 explains what a SIP address is and does, where to find one and how to get one

CPaaS Solutions For Scalability

Call 48 offers a CPaaS enabled backend customer portal to provide complete scalability.

Private Label VoIP Without Spending Money to Get Started

Call 48 gives VoIP resellers instant access to private label services and solutions without spending money up front.

Call 48 CPaaS Offers True Flexibility in Real Time

Call 48 CPaaS enabled solutions via our customer platform VoIP Portal is where flexibility meets real time functionality.

VoIP Portal is the Call 48 CPaaS Enabled Customer Platform

CPaaS enabled customer platform VoIP Portal is the way Call 48 wholesale and resellers perform real time provisioning

Call 48 CPaaS Enabled Solutions is the Future of VoIP

Call 48 offers a doorway to the modernization of VoIP communications with our CPaaS enabled customer platform VoIP Portal.

Call 48 Offers VoIP Resellers The Keys to Success

Call 48 offers VoIP resellers the keys to succeed in the telephony industry

Call 48 Competitive Wholesale VoIP Carrier Services and Solutions

Call 48 offers competitive wholesale VoIP carrier services and solutions

Call 48 Conference Bridge for Resellers

Call 48 conference bridges are a must for businesses with remote workers and offices with multiple locations or simple ones with a large staff

Turnkey VoIP Services with CPaaS Enabled Solutions

Call 48 wholesale VoIP customers enjoy turnkey CPaaS enabled solutions

Establish a POP with Complete VoIP Origination Services

With Call 48 wholesale origination services you can establish a global point of presence with DIDs

Cloud Hosted VoIP Services Are Perfect for Pandemic Era Resellers

VoIP resellers see the advantages of combining Call 48’s cost-saving, cloud-based telephony with the efficiency of unified communications.

Call 48 Offers VoIP Reseller and Private Label Reseller Options

Make money by becoming a Call 48 private label VoIP reseller with everything you need to achieve financial success in telecom.

Launch Your VoIP Reseller Business with DIDs

Launch your VoIP reseller business fast and easily with DID phone numbers

Call 48 and CPaaS Enabled VoIP Services

Call 48 offers premium CPaaS enabled VoIP services through our VoIP Portal where customers can buy, port and provision DIDs and billing in real time.

Why Resellers Love Our Turnkey VoIP Cloud-Based Services

Cloud-based Call 48 VoIP services save customers money and make resellers money.

Call 48 CPaaS Real Time Services

Call 48 CPaaS enabled services allow you to buy, port, and provision DIDs in real time

Private Label VoIP Origination Solutions

Call 48 offers custom private label VoIP origination services and solutions for resellers to increase revenue.

How VoIP Resellers Target Millennial Customers with Services

VoIP resellers need to target millennial customers differently for services and solutions and Call 48 explains how

Call 48 Guide to CPaaS Solutions and Services

Call 48 offers customers CPaaS solutions and services with real time provisioning of DIDs pricing and more

Call 48 CPaaS Platform VoIP Portal

Call 48 provides CPaaS solutions via our customer VoIP Portal in its fourth generation offering real time DID buying, porting and provisioning

Call 48 CPaaS Cloud-Based Solutions

Call 48 provides CPaaS solutions through our customer backend VoIP Portal

Wholesale VoIP Customers Choose from Suite of Turn Key Services

Call 48 offers a complete selection of turn key wholesale VoIP carrier services

Call 48 CPaaS Offers Full Flexbility Through APIs

CPaaS solutions through APIs with DID provisioning on the Call 48 customer VoIP Portal

The ANI and ALI in Emergency VoIP Phone Calls

Call 48 explains the difference between the automatic number identification ANI and the automatic location identification ALI databases and their uses in voip emergency phone calls

Call 48 CPaaS Telephony Technology

Call 48 is a leading CPaaS provider in the world of telephony technology and API integration.

Complete VoIP Origination Coverage of Canada

Call 48 offers complete VoIP origination coverage of Canada with the largest network of DID phone numbers

Keep Your Identity with Your VoIP Phone Number

Call 48 gives you peace of mind to keep your phone number when we become your VoIP provider.

How Call 48 Resellers Find Success

VoIP resellers see continued financial success when they work with Call 48

How Resellers Determine How Many VoIP Lines a Business Needs

Call 48 explains to resellers what a phone line means to customers transitioning into the VoIp and telecom world.

Local Number Portability for Telecom and VoIP Explained

The process for local number portability for telecom and VoIP resellers explained

Resellers Are Requesting Vanity Toll Free Phone Numbers

Call 48 provides VoIP resellers with vanity toll free phone numbers that are memorable and easy to spell.

VoIP Local Number Porting Made Easy

Call 48 makes the Local Number Porting LNP process easy with the size of our rate center footprint and backed VoIP system

Expand Your VoIP Telecom Footprint

Expand your digital telecom footprint in United States and Canada with Call 48 DID VoIP origination services

Wholesale VoIP Discounted Carrier Service Rates

Wholesale Call 48 VoIP resellers gain access to even lower rate decks with volume in minutes

Call 48 Specializes in DID Phone Numbers and VoIP Origination

Call 48 specializes in DID phone numbers for the United States and Canada

The Easiest VoIP Bill with One Tier Origination

To make billing customers easier for resellers Call 48 offers one tier price of VoIP origination for the entire United States

Emergency 911 VoIP Carrier Services

Emergency VoIP phone call service and solution protocols explained for the United States and Canada

The Call 48 VoIP Footprint Coverage

Call 48 offers the United States as our On-net footprint and has spent the money to have footprint coverage of the United States.

Size Matters in VoIP Footprints

Call 48 has a far reaching VoIP footprint with industry leading coverage in North America and growing across the globe.

Grow Your International Presence with VoIP DIDs

Call 48 helps customers increase their global footprint with our international DID VoIP phone number and origination services and solutions

Call 48 Announces New VoIP Portal Launch

Call 48 announces the launch of our latest state of the art VoIP Portal

SIP DID Origination Phone Numbers

Call 48 offers premium voice quality from origination services and solutions and SIP DID virtual phone numbers

True Turnkey Private Label VoIP Program

Call 48 turnkey VoIP services means everything has already been done and set up for you to hit the ground running reselling our VoIP services and solutions under your own banner flag.

Glossary of Acronyms Terms and Hosted PBX VoIP Definitions

Call 48 provides a glossary of commonly used VoIP definitions terms and acronyms that pertain to cloud hosted PBX services and solutions

Instant Access to DID Products and Services for Resellers

Call 48 provides resellers instant access to DID origination products services and solutions

Top VoIP Origination Services in North America

Call 48 is a leader in North American VoIP origination services and solutions in United States and Canada for expanding DID footprint

Private Label VoIP Resellers See Exponential Profits

Call 48 private label VoIP resellers increase see exponential profits by having subsellers reselling branded VoIP services and solutions.

Launch with Call 48 Private Label Reseller Platform

Call 48 offers a fully branded private label VoIP reseller program for those looking to resell VoIP services and solutions under their own name.

Turnkey Wholesale VoIP Services and Solutions from Call 48

Take advantage of the Call 48 wholesale rates for United States domestic and international calling with our turnkey VoIP services and solutions and ever-expanding variety of call features.

Call 48 Wholesale VoIP Carrier Service Offerings

Call 48 offers a complete selection of turnkey wholesale VoIP carrier services including origination DIDs toll free text messaging and short call solutions.

Call 48 Answers FAQs on Local Number Porting

Call 48 answers frequently asked questions from VoIP resellers about local number porting

Turnkey Private Label VoIP Services

Call 48 offers turnkey VoIP services and solutions to our private label resellers

Start Reselling VoIP Services in Minutes

You can become a VoIP reseller and make money every month by contacting Call 48 for our services and solutions.

Call 48 Explains the Local Number Porting Process

Call 48 offers local number porting LNP to port your DID phone number over to our network and explains the process.

VoIP Resellers Make Money with DID Origination Service

Call 48 resellers make money by offering our DID phone numbers from over 13000 rate centers to customers

Ways VoIP Resellers Offer DID Phone Numbers

Call 48 resellers have access to one of the largest DID databases for their customer to gain access to phone numbers with local area codes for a variety of reasons.

One Tier Origination Pricing for Domestic VoIP Resellers

Call 48 offers resellers domestic United States origination at one tier pricing.

SIP Based VoIP Origination Carrier Services

Call 48 offers resellers access to our SIP-based origination services and solutions.

VoIP Origination Services and DID Management

Easily manage your VoIP carrier origination services and DID phone number with Call 48.

Variety of VoIP Origination and DID Services

Call 48 offers a variety of DIDs through VoIP origination carrier services.

Call 48 Origination Provides Local Point of Presence

Call 48 makes it easy for VoIP resellers to establish a local point of presence with our origination services

VoIP Carrier Service Suite for Resellers

Call 48 is a one stop shop for resellers needing VoIP services and solutions at minimal cost.

Domestic VoIP Toll Free Origination Service and DIDs

Call 48 offers unparalleled toll free origination carrier services with reliable and cost-effective domestic toll free VoIP services and solutions.

VoIP Origination Carrier Service and DIDs for Resellers

VoIP resellers rely on Call 48 carrier services for competitive origination and United States DIDs

Resellers Demo Call 48 Softswitch Free

Call 48 offers resellers a free demo of its Class 4 and Class 5 VoIP Softswitch to see our services and solutions

One Price North America Origination

Call 48 offers resellers unbeatable origination and DID carrier services for the United States Canada and North America.

Wholesale Virtual Local DID Phone Numbers for More Presence

Wholesale virtual local DID phone numbers from Call 48 can increase a company’s global presence.

Canada Wholesale VoIP Services and Solutions

Call 48 offers wholesale VoIP services geared specifically to Canadian end users that our customers are loving.

One Tier Domestic Wholesale VoIP Pricing

Call 48 offers wholesale domestic VoIP pricing on one tier.

Call 48 Provides Wholesale Vanity Phone Numbers

Call 48 provides vanity toll free phone numbers to wholesale customers offering brand recognition and cost savings.

Call 48 Wholesale Origination DIDs

Call 48 offers wholesale VoIP origination DIDs from the largest database in North America.

Call 48 Complete A-Z VoIP Wholesale Termination

Call 48 offers complete wholesale A to Z termination services and solutions everywhere in the world.

Call 48 Offers Fully Branded Complete Private Label Opportunity

Call 48 offers a fully branded VoIP private label opportunity for wholesale

Call 48’s Wholesale SIP Termination Guide

Call 48 offers carrier grade wholesale premier level SIP termination as part of our suite of VoIP services and solutions.

Popular Toll Free Service 800 Numbers

Toll free VoIP numbers see a rise in popularity by Call 48 wholesale carriers

Wholesale Features For Call Centers

Wholesale VoIP services targeted to call centers with toll free

Why Choose Call 48 for Wholesale VoIP Services

Why you should choose Call 48 as your wholesale voip provider

A to Z Wholesale Origination and Termination

Call 48 offers competitive rates of A to Z termination and origination carrier services

Call 48 Complete Wholesale DID Origination Services

Call 48 offers a complete suite of wholesale origination services and solutions

Wholesale US VoIP SIP Trunking

Call 48 offers wholesale SIP Trunk Domestic services and solutions in major cities and furfural areas

Wholesale Carrier Grade Termination VoIP Services and Solutions

Call 48 delivers top quality low cost wholesale VoIP termination services and solutions

Carrier-Grade Wholesale VoIP Services

Call 48 offers wholesale carrier VoIP services and solutions

Break Into the Wholesale VoIP Industry

Break into the wholesale VoIP industry as a private label customer of Call 48.

Call 48 Wholesale Back End VoIP Portal

Call 48 has a proprietary backend system to add virtual numbers necessary in real-time, with instant access to almost 13,000 rate centers and almost five million DIDs in North America.

Wholesale Canada VoIP Origination Service

Call 48 provides Canada origination services to make and receive calls, purchase DIDs, and port telephone numbers in all Canada.

Wholesale Termination Service Solutions

Call 48 wholesale termination services give customers exponential profits.

Call 48 Quality Wholesale Termination Services

Call 48 offers premium wholesale VoIP termination carrier serevices

Easy Wholesale VoIP Origination Services

It is so easy to build physical Points of Presence (POPs) in different geographic markets markets with Call 48 wholesale VoIP origination services.

Wholesale International DIDs and A-Z Termination

Call 48 offers competitive wholesale international DIDs and A to Z termination services

Competitive Wholesale VoIP Carrier Services and Solutions

Upgrade to Wholesale VoIP Services

Call 48 explains the fundamental difference between what it means to be a VoIP reseller and what it takes to become a wholesale customer.

Reliable Wholesale Call 48 Origination Services

Avoid the huge expenses of having to build physical POPs in different markets with carrier grade wholesale origination services from Call 48.

Vanity and Toll Free Numbers from Call 48

Call 48 resellers can help a company become memorable simply by how they are contacted with toll free and vanity numbers.

Volume Wholesale Call 48 VoIP Opportunities

Easy Local Number Porting with Call 48

Call 48 has worked hard to make sure that porting your local phone numbers is as simple and fast as possible.

Competitive Wholesale VoIP Origination Service from Call 48

Call 48 sees three pillars to demonstrate our commitment as a provider of wholesale carrier grade VoIP origination services. These pillars are support...

Buy Call 48 Origination Service and DIDs

With numbers coming from over 13,000 rate centers across the U.S., Call 48 DIDs are a fraction of the cost of standard analog or digital lines...

Call 48 Offers Domestic Toll Free Origination Services

Call 48 provides unrivaled wholesale toll free origination service and reliable and cost-effective toll free solutions.