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Call 48 Explains STIR SHAKEN Call Attestation

As a carrier that is STIR SHAKEN compliant, Call 48 certifies origination calls by attesting to the relationship with the caller, as well as their authority to use the DID phone number in question. The use of an attestation indicator represents the originating signer’s ability to vouch for the accuracy of the source of origin of the call.

Think of it like vouching for a friend when you them fix up. You know who they are, what they stand for, and their intentions. STIR SHAKEN attestation is like that. It’s a carrier’s way of saying we know who the provider is and vouch for them. Attestation comes in the form of either an A, B, or C.

Just because a caller receives an ‘A’ rating, it doesn’t necessarily correlate to their trustworthiness. Analytics will remain in place for call validation treatment to ensure that unwanted, scam, or illegal phone calls will still be labeled accordingly.

Let’s take a deeper look at what each rating means:

[A] Full Attestation
With Full Attestation, Call 48 has authenticated that the calling entity is authorized to use the number they’ve dialed from.

[B] Partial Attestation
Partial Attestation attests that Call 48 has authenticated the customer originating the call but cannot verify if the customer is supposed to be using the number dialed from.

[C] Gateway Attestation
With Gateway Attestation, Call 48 is able to authenticate a call’s origination but not its source. This type of call attestation is typically given to international calls.

Want to know if Call 48 can attest to your calls? Contact us now to become STIR SHAKEN compliant.

Call 48 Explains STIR SHAKEN 101

Hate robo spam calls? The FCC has heard your complaints and STIR/SHAKEN is one of their largest steps to deal with the robo call situation. Put into place officially on June 30, 2021, service providers are now required to adopt STIR/SHAKEN solutions and Call 48 is compliant.

Between three and five BILLION robocalls are made each month, and research suggests that more than 40% of those calls are thought to be fraud-related. Call 48 is STIR/SHAKEN compliant, as this industry-wide initiative to restore trust in our voice communications is in effect. The goal of STIR/SHAKEN is to prevent fraudsters from scamming consumers and businesses through robocalls and illegal phone number spoofing, while making sure that legitimate calls reach the recipient.


STIR/SHAKEN is a technology framework designed to reduce fraudulent robocalls and illegal phone number spoofing. STIR/SHAKEN is a framework that assigns a certificate of authenticity to each phone call for use across the telecom network, acting as a digital signature of trust passed from carrier to carrier to improve traceable call delivery.

Surprise! STIR/SHAKEN is actually an acronym. STIR stands for Secure Telephony Identity Revisited. SHAKEN stands for Secure Handling of Asserted information using toKENs.

Ok, so STIR and SHAKEN are two different things. So what’s the difference?
STIR is a working group within the IETF, an internet standards body, which has developed a set of protocols used to create a digital signature for a call. The signed call includes information about the calling party and allows for verification of the signature by the terminating provider. SHAKEN are the standards for how STIR is to be deployed by service providers within their networks.

For more information on Call 48’s compliance to STIR/SHAKEN, contact a member of our team today.

The Call 48 Guide to Measuring VoIP Scalability

If the pandemic taught us anything, it’s that in a moment’s notice a business might not only slow down, but it might hit a meteoric boom in need. Call 48 offers complete scalability and flexibility to our customers. But when we speak about scalability, we mean much more than adding phone lines and features.

Scalability and flexibility go hand in hand as they adjust to the demands of an active business. But they don’t mean the same thing. They differ in the sense that flexibility also refers to the way users configure and employ features. The ability to change components as needed contributes to a system’s efficiency overall. Even if adding lines is a simple process, the time it takes to setup and modify needs factoring too. This is where usability and scalability collide.

Of course, everyone wants to focus on growth. Scalability is perfect for adding new lines and features as your business demands grow. But did you know that scalability also pertains to when a system needs to downsize? Don’t look at VoIP service and solutions downsizing as a bad thing. In many ways, it’s not. Businesses also need to downsize for a variety of growth purposes. The modern workforce spends less time in the office, either working from home ortelecommuting on the road, so accessibility directly determines a system’s scalability.

Call 48 is able to measure the effects a system’s tools have on its efficiency. The importance of scalable communications includes benefits such as decreased transition time, cost reduction, market resilience and increased communications efficiency. In regards to accessibility, a scalable system must also be compatible
with a range of devices.

To find out more about how Call 48 can make your business scalable, why it’s important to your business and
how to measure it, contact a member of our team today.

Call 48 Continues its Origination Footprint Expansion

Call 48, a leader in CPaaS enabled services, continues to expand it’s origination footprint throughout North America, adding millions of new DIDs to its ever increasing inventory.  With over 15,000,000 DIDs in both on net and off net inventory from more than 13,000 rate centers and over 180 LATAs, Call 48 is able to deliver in-demand, flexible and innovative VoIP-based services to more than ever before. Call 48 ensures our wholesale, reseller and private label customers can move into the territories they need in their telecom endeavors. Being able to offer our customers the footprint they needed was imperative to our business model. Call 48 has taken the time and spent the money and resources to offer complete coverage of the United States and Canada plus more than 120 other countries. Call 48 customers experience wide-ranging benefits from having access to the United States as complete On-Net VoIP footprint. Some of these include:
  • Call 48 grants customers access from rate centers where we are registered with NPAC
  • Call 48 has both infrastructure and tandem circuitry to receive calls
  • Call 48 has multiple regulatory filings and approvals as well as state filings.
Call 48 is committed to continuing the expansion of the size of our United States footprint. It is our goal to never have a customer say they do not have access to the phone numbers that they need.

Why You Need Call 48 Origination USA Footprint

A VoIP footprint refers to the ability to supply VoIP services and solutions to a geographical area. If you can only offer services to Florida, it means your footprint is Florida. Call 48 has made it our mission to offer one of the largest North American origination footprints available. So much so, the 48 is in our name.

As a premier CPAAS provider Call 48 continues to expand its VoIP footprint throughout North America, blanketing the United States and Canada, as well as across the globe. With the ever expanding of its service area, Call 48 is able to deliver in-demand, flexible and innovative phone and VoIP-based services to more than ever before.

Call 48 is a carrier serving the business marketplace with high-quality and innovative services at industry low prices, Call 48 meets the demand of resellers eager to market flexible and affordable VoIP-based options.

Every time we expand our footprint it means our customers can move into new territories with their telecom ventures. If you need a new DID phone number in the United States, we make it as simple as go to our innovative, CPaaS customer platform VoIP Portal, and click on a DID. In real time you can purchase, provision it or port it. We cover more than 13,000 rate centers and over 180 LATAs.

If you are looking to leverage Call 48’s competitive advantages within growing markets around the world, contact us now.

Our Origination Footprint is Bigger and Size Matters

Is your provider’s footprint just not big enough?

If you are a wholesale, private label or reseller customer looking for a phone number, look no further than Call 48. A VoIP carrier footprint by definition means the area where Call 48 has access to sell our own DID phone numbers. We have taken the time and spent the money and resources to offer complete coverage of the United States from over 13,000 rate centers, more than 180 LATAs, plus nearly 120 other countries.

This means your provider doesn’t own or have enough access to sell different phone numbers from around the country. And when this happens, they have to source the phone numbers you have requested and need from other providers and resell them. Many will not do this because it takes time, which is a waste to them and it isn’t affordable, so they won’t spend the money.

Call 48 has taken the time and spent the money so you don’t have to.

Call 48 is a premier CPAAS provider offering the United States as our On-Net footprint. On-Net means we have done the expensive and heavy-lifting work for you. This is our infrastructure and our phone numbers.

With Call 48, you gain access from rate centers where we are registered with NPAC (the Number Portability Administration Center) and where we have infrastructure and tandem circuitry to receive calls in and out of those networks. Not only has Call 48 incurred the costs to do this, we also have multiple regulatory filings and approvals as well as state filings. 

Who benefits from a complete VoIP footprint?

If you do telecom business beyond a generalized, geographical area, you need a VoIP company like Call 48 which provides a complete VoIP footprint. If you only need numbers in the Chicago area, then you only need Chicago phone numbers. As soon as you need them outside, you are going to need to increase that footprint.  

At Call 48 we strive to ensure the size of our VoIP footprint are continue to expand it. It is our goal to never have a customer not have access to the phone numbers that they need. Contact us today to find out if we have yours waiting for you.

Call 48 PBX Vanity DID Phone Numbers

Business makes the world go round, and having a vanity DID phone number from Call 48 can make your business spin even faster. Call 48 has an inventory of toll free numbers that are easy to remember and spell out the name of your company.

Vanity numbers, or toll free phone numbers that spell out words, have become imperative to businesses of all sizes and brands. If you’re going to have a business phone number, why not have one that your customers can remember? Vanity toll free DIDs phone numbers from Call 48 compliment your business by spelling our your brand name, a product or a service that you offer. They give you the business prospects you require to have an edge over your competitors.

Our vanity toll free numbers are also supported by all the features of our cloud hosted PBX services. These phone numbers integrate seamlessly with features like auto attendants, voicemail and email to fax. These advanced features of our vanity toll free numbers will provide your callers with the same kind of interface as is
experienced while calling a big company. Even if dealing with a home-based business, having a Call 48 vanity toll free phone number will give you the capability to give that business an attractive address throughout the nation.

In fact, Call 48 additionally offers advanced follow me call forwarding services that can perform simultaneous call routing for up to three alternate phone numbers (cell phone, office number or residence number). You can setup a contact center for handling the calls from the vanity toll free numbers using the Automatic Call Distribution system.

While vanity toll free numbers should offer you a general nationwide presence, you can
successfully have a more local presence via the local numbers. In addition to our toll free vanity phone numbers, Call 48 is the leader of domestic United States DIDs with local phone numbers in area codes of nearly every major city. We offer one of the largest footprints in the US with an inventory of 15,000,000 DIDs on and off net from 13,000 rate centers and more than 180 LATAs.

Contact a member of the Call 48 toll free team today, and allow one of our representatives provide you with a vanity or toll free DID phone number today.